Techkitez (Pvt) Ltd developed "" - an innovative online bus ticket booking platform, envisioning a hassle-free and enhanced public transportation system in Sri Lanka. Since our inception in 2015, we have managed to effectively capture a plethora of returning

Public transport, specifically travel by bus is a large growing business in Sri Lanka and other countries; hence innovatory mechanisms towards bus ticket booking systems is imperative to adequately provide a user-friendly interface for the passenger to reserve a seat on a journey, and an effective compilation and maintenance of individual records for bus companies and regulatory bodies.

In the Sri Lankan context, it is deduced that almost all aspects of information relative to bus transport has been traditionally operated manually. This includes the publishing of schedules, bookings and reservations, and the individual data relevant to each bus in the system. This leads to a tremendous backlog, and with the continually growing demand for public transport, it is essential that an all-encompassing system is implemented by us,the largest bus booking software provider governing all aspects of bus transportation in Sri Lanka, for an effective and productive transportation system.

An efficient transport system is the key for the betterment of a country. Although the transport system in Sri Lanka has seen many improvements over time, the bus ticket booking platform still lacks a significant technology advantage. Pens and papers are unable to cope with the massive booking requests from passengers all over the Island. Since our inception, we have seen that the general public and tourists alike are not completely aware of bus timetables and how to find a bus, and where to find it. After using our platform, Around 100,000 people from all parts of the country have given us very positive feedback that the online bus ticket booking platform has improved their journey with efficiency and convenience, two pertinent and fundamental factors necessary to improve Sri Lanka's transport system.

A transport system is the main connecting bridge between two places. As Sri Lanka's tourism potential continues to unravel, its transport system has to evolve parallelly to cater to the growing demand for an effective transport network, not just from the general public but from tourists as well. With more tourists projected to arrive on Sri Lanka's shores every year, each individual tourist expects an efficient transport system to make their travel in Sri Lanka a memorable one. Most developed countries have a form of online bus ticket booking available. Thereby as Sri Lanka develops its infrastructure into South Asia's emerging hotspots, it is imperative that its transport and technological infrastructure is developed as well. is helping the tourist industry by way of providing a very user-friendly platform for the tourists to review and book buses to travel to their preferred destination, according to their itinerary. Currently, services bus routes to almost all tourism hotspots around the island. Hence, we are proud to say that we have played a role in assisting a lot of tourists to find buses and pre book them. Tourists pre book the bus seats from their own country before visiting Sri Lanka.. logo